Introducing: Sanmy Moura

Can you explain what you do at BV?

I am the Marketing Manager for the Certification Global Service Line. My main job is ensuring that new products, services and standards updated or developed by our team are advertised on our own marketing channels and communicated to our global BV network. This requires campaign development – meaning defining a strategy, deciding which marketing channels to use and creating different marketing materials for each channel. You might decide, for example, to write a newsletter for internal communication, make video content and banners for social media, and develop white papers, service sheets and brochures for clients. I have amazing teams around me to help make this happen. We have market leaders creating the products or services, a technical team validating content, creative designers making amazing marketing materials – and more.

What’s your greatest professional achievement and your biggest challenge?

I have been working at Bureau Veritas for almost 5 years and I am very proud of my journey at the Certification Global Service Line. One of my greatest professional achievements, and at the same time my biggest challenge, was the development of the Bureau Veritas Digital Academy. A project I was involved in until early 2022, its goal is to digitize training services in countries where BV operates. It provides a platform to sell training courses on local BV websites and manage students using training management software.

The biggest challenge we faced, which was also a motivator, was understanding local needs and specifications. It was essential for us to have this knowledge to ensure that the project works globally and is adapted to each country to provide appropriate training services.

I’m happy to say that it has already been implemented in 21 countries, showing a positive impact on their daily sales, with a view to rolling it out to even more.

Which of Bureau Veritas’ values resonates with you most, and why?

I identify with all of BV’s values, but TRUSTED resonates with me the most. Without trust, you cannot be authentically yourself, create real connections or be surrounded by honest people. Trust opens the door to living in freedom, to learning more about yourself every day and growing with each experience.

Working at BV means choosing a company positively impacts the day-to-day lives of billions of people. How do you feel about that?

I feel very happy and grateful. It is really nice to see that I can have a positive impact on society in both my personal and my professional life. And doing this at Bureau Veritas is even better. This is a global company that has a direct impact on our society in many different areas, from sustainability, transportation and cybersecurity to food, social responsibility and much more. It is amazing to play a role in supporting the transition.