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Bureau Veritas, leader of new Digital marketplaces

May. 10 2018 - 3 min
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Bureau Veritas has long been a pioneer in using the possibilities presented by Internet technologies to supply testing, inspection, and certification services. Customers can already use a range of online tools such as Maestro, Veristar, and OneSource to view and respond to Bureau Veritas reports, check the status of their Marine assets, and manage certifications throughout supply chains respectively.

Yet as the success of companies of digital native companies show, digitization means more than offering existing services online. Organizations which actively redefine the standards of customer experience gain a strong competitive advantage and become nodes in new networks over which they exercise strong influence. In short, they become platforms.

In the testing, inspection, and certification (TIC) sector, platforms will enhance a range of services. Clients looking for agility, flexibility and extremely fast delivery will head to marketplaces where TIC activities are segmented and available in a self-service model, while keeping a very high level of quality of the delivery through multiple control mechanisms.

As an established provider of TIC with a strong digital portfolio, Bureau Veritas is set to be one of the driving forces in this development, and its LEAD and QuikTrak platforms show precisely how it is revolutionizing the customer experience in the digital age.

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LEAD: an international eCommerce Platform

LEAD by Bureau Veritas is a One Stop Shop dedicated to ISO certification processes. As next-generation digital platform, it aims to support companies worldwide development by offering faster, tailored, digitized certification services.

Responding to digital habits, LEAD offers simple one-click quotes and a choice of packages granting clients progressive access to three key services for their ISO transition. The entry level Bronze package features LEAD E-Learning with innovative online training about new standard requirements from beginner through to advanced level. Silver clients enjoy the additional benefits of the LEAD Online Self-Assessment Tool, which allows them to identify gaps between their status quo and ISO frameworks at any stage. The premium Gold package also includes LEAD Audits, ensuring a smooth transition thanks to independent evaluation by Bureau Veritas.

With this customer-centric proprietary platform, Bureau Veritas is creating a thoroughly digital offer so convenient and so complete that clients will have little reason to look elsewhere. Customers able to manage their transitions in house, however, have different needs. They are looking to use the power of digital technology to identify best-price or best-availability offers for defined scopes, and this is where US-based QuikTrak, acquired by Bureau Veritas in 2014, comes in. 



QuikTrak: The qualified inspector marketplace

QuikTrak is a marketplace that allows qualified inspectors to offer their services as independent contractors to companies deploying a quality assessment or audit campaign. The company’s Revoquest software has opened up a new level of immediacy in TIC: once a client has placed an order, the application instantly selects the closest, best qualified inspector. In a third of cases, the order needs to be completed within 24 hours, and QuikTrak facilitates this speed, not just dispatching inspectors quickly, but also supporting them with a Revoquest mobile app to upload their data, photos, and reports from on site.

As the delivery is performed by external auditors, multiple business rules are run over results to make sure that inspectors never miss required information and that the delivery is fully accurate according to the standard of quality of Bureau Veritas. Complete reports are delivered to clients’ inboxes in a matter of hours. Billing also takes place through Revoquest, which includes a ratings engine to track the perceived quality of inspectors and customer satisfaction. The results speak for themselves: QuikTrak has deployed the software in 28 countries, servicing approximately 5000 corporate users and facilitating 200,000 inspections in 2017. Not only does Bureau Veritas benefit from the strong business results and exciting growth potential of QuikTrak, but also supplies certification to the individual inspectors. As such, the stake in the company based in Portland, Oregon represents double value for Bureau Veritas in the digital market.

Overall, digitization means that all companies need to react and adapt faster, and that includes their quality and safety processes as well. Tests, inspections and certifications must flow seamlessly with the business, and Bureau Veritas is positioning as the key platform that will enable that flexibility.