Marine & Offshore Business Review 2016 Published by Bureau Veritas

May. 23 2017

Our Marine & Offshore Business Review 2016 has just been released, the annual booklet that presents our business activities and the teams that make it happen.

Philippe Donche-Gay, President Marine & Offshore Division, describes the year as one where the crisis has, and will continue to have, an impact in terms of the concentration of market players. Those who will survive will be more demanding, with market requirements for productivity and competitive pricing here to stay.” 


What has Marine & Offshore Been up to This Year?

In 2016, one of the most challenging years the marine and offshore industries have faced, Bureau Veritas focused on providing faster service and added value via two main drivers: digital transformation and a wider scope of services.

This year’s business review highlights some of our greatest achievements inmarine and offshore activities and provides a comprehensive overview of ourservices. Clients weigh in on their experience working with us and our activities are broken down by both sector and region.

"We hope that the Marine & Offshore Business Review provides useful insight into our activities and direction over the past year", commented Nicholas Brown, Marine & Offshore Communications Director.

Find out more about Bureau Veritas’ year in review  and how our marine and offshore services can help meet your needs.