This next generation of inspection services will revolutionize the way industries monitor their assets.


Inspecting for industry 4.0

Despite the rise of Industry 4.0, the ability to manage a wide range of human and asset risks remains a major challenge for industrial operators. Safety, production efficiency, reliability, and asset integrity are just some of the areas that require ongoing inspection. In the past, a key focus has been on gathering sample data that can be used to give a statistical assessment of asset condition – and it was only valid for a given point in time.


When digital meets manual inspection

Today, inspection is changing. A combination of technologies - led by the Industrial Internet of Things, robotics, and artificial intelligence - is transforming the inspection of industrial assets. Thanks to the automated collection and analysis of data, companies can increase the safety and reliability of their assets, while reducing the time and costs of annual inspections. Such technologies can also be used to create 3D models of assets, containing real data and making it easier to manage operations.


Next generation inspection services

We partner with Avitas Systems, a GE Venture, to bring to market analytics-based inspection. We will advance our independent inspection services with the Avitas Systems cloud-based platform, combining automated data collection and artificial intelligence techniques. Avitas Systems provides the integration of technologies such as sensors, drones, and other robotics, paired with bespoke deep learning-based data analytics. 

The solution offers several advantages. By combining technologies, technical expertise, and data analytics, we will be able to automatically recognize asset defects and deliver results via an online interface with user-accessible data and reporting. New technologies will prevent inspectors from working in high-risk and repetitive working conditions and will improve overall safety and efficiency. Overall, the solution will bring continuous industrial risk management to a new level for asset owners. 

This partnership will provide enhanced end-to-end inspection services to customers at a global scale. Offered jointly by both companies around the world, it will initially focus on electric power and utilities assets, with other industrial assets to follow.

Digital transformation is a unique opportunity for our customers and business sector to redefine the way asset integrity and performance are managed, while improving the safety of inspectors on the field.

Joerg GmeinbauerGlobal Market Lead, Power & Utilities at Bureau Veritas

We are very excited to partner with Bureau Veritas, especially given its global reach and reputation for industry-leading inspection and certification. By combining resources, we will have an unrivaled digital inspection offering.

Alex TepperFounder and Head of Corporate and Business Development at Avitas Systems