Special chemicals

Special chemicals such as additives, coatings and pigments are used in a wide range of industrial and consumer products. Bureau Veritas’ services for specialty producers support safety, compliance and asset integrity.

Safe production of special chemicals

Your challenges

Major chemicals companies and niche producers both need to ensure that new plants are constructed within budget and on schedule, and that existing facilities run efficiently. They also aim for consistent quality in their product and processes. Producers are also seeking to improve environmental performance through the use of LNG as a cracker, and by recycling chemicals for use in processes.

How we support you

Bureau Veritas’ services throughout the lifecycle support special chemicals producers to achieve safety, quality and environmental compliance and performance.

  • Environmental performance
    Chemicals producers are investigating new crackers to improve the sustainability of their production processes: Bureau Veritas supports adoption of new technology via design review and risk assessments. We also offer Environmental Impact Assessments as part of our FEED services.
  • Optimizing OPEX from day one
    We work with owners to integrate asset integrity from the design stage of a project. We help clients achieve efficient production via condition-based predictive strategies focused on optimizing spend and avoiding shutdowns.
  • Laboratory testing
    Special chemicals tend to be customized to clients’ needs. Our global laboratory network analyzes your special chemicals products to assess conformity with your clients’ specifications.

Digital solution

Our partnership with Avitas Systems brings inspections based on advanced analytics.

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Certification for special chemicals producers

Manufacturing of chemicals customized to client specifications demands a robust quality management system. ISO 9001 provides a way for companies to define and implement a quality system that meets their own specific needs and challenges, and enables them to achieve continuous improvement. Bureau Veritas is one of the leading certification bodies for ISO 9001. We can also audit suppliers and contractors to client quality standards.

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