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2023 Global Energy Transition Report: Accelerating the Energy Transition

Jun. 16 2023

Is the world able to meet the Paris Agreement goal to keep global heating within 1.5°C?

The energy industry has a crucial role to play in achieving a transition to a low-carbon economy. A significant acceleration is needed if we are to boost capacity growth in renewables and decarbonize the energy system at the required pace.

From February to April 2023, Bureau Veritas collected insights and opinions from over 800 market experts and industry leaders from all continents and corners of the energy sector.

The outcome of the survey is this report. It explores the major short-term barriers we need to remove to keep accelerating the energy transition and stay with 1.5°C. It unveils insights on the very real constraints the industry faces along four major dimensions:

  • Government policy & regulatory context
  • Advances in technology
  • Scaling up supply chains
  • Mobilizing a global workforce

Download the full report here

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