Press Release

Biorisk rules: New ship classification notations issued by Bureau Veritas

Feb. 1 2021

Bureau Veritas has released two new class notations – "BIORISK MANAGED" and "BIORISK SECURED". MSC VIRTUOSA, delivered on February 1st, is the first ship world-wide to receive the BIORISK notation.

These new classification notations address safety and health requirements for the protection of all ship types encompassing both operational and design responses. Bureau Veritas developed these new standards following close consultation and collaboration with key stakeholders, including shipyards and shipowners.

BIORISK MANAGED focuses on the establishment and implementation of an outbreak management plan, following the core principles of the Bureau Veritas ‘Restart your Business’ (RYB) protocols. BIORISK MANAGED covers onboard responsibilities and resource management, requirements for supplies, including personal protective equipment (PPE) and medical equipment, procedures, behavioural and operational recommendations, appropriate training for the crew as well as the re-design or re-arrangement or modification of spaces and systems, such as heating, ventilation and air-conditioning.

The notation BIORISK SECURED requires that further systems and hardware be installed including the provision of fixed and/or portable equipment. For example, a dedicated area onboard must be identified to quarantine crew or passengers in the event of infection detection. BIORISK SECURED also mandates the furnishing of a ship with the appropriate equipment to regularly monitor crew and passengers’ body temperatures.

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