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Bureau Veritas certified Polar Pod, the Oceanic platform for the furious fifties

Mar. 22 2021

Bureau Veritas has certified the structural resistance of POLAR POD, a new research ship type designed to handle extreme weather conditions in the “furious fifties” and the impact of the biggest waves in the world (38 meters high).

POLAR POD is an ecological ship that will allow the acquisition of data and long-term observations of the marine biodiversity and climate change that will be transmitted to researchers, oceanographers, climatologists, biologists and scientific institutions from 12 countries.

The platform is 100 meters high and weighs 1,000 tons. The legs of the lattice are made of steel from 38 to 50 mm thick. Bottom ballast weighs 150 tons. The structure of the nacelle is made of aluminum and the outer shell made of special steel to handle the most violent storms. The POLAR POD is much more stable and comfortable than a traditional ship. With a draft of 75 meters, this “vertical vessel” is very stable: 5° heel in the mean time of the Southern Ocean and a vertical movement that does not exceed 10% of the height of the waves. The architecture is designed not to resonate with the swell. 

Bureau Veritas has been involved from the very early stage of the project. Most recently, Bureau Veritas has delivered a design appraisal certificate to validate the structural resistance of the POLAR POD.

Matthieu de Tugny, Executive Vice-President Marine & Offshore at Bureau Veritas, commented: “Being the trusted certification partner for a project such as POLAR POD, is an exciting adventure. This demonstrates our high technical expertise and innovation capabilities while supporting research and finding ways to protect the marine biodiversity. We contribute to shaping a better and more sustainable world. I am proud Bureau Veritas is part of this pioneering project.”

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