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Bureau Veritas CPS Global E.A.W. eNewsletter - April 2019

Apr. 26 2019

Welcome to the April issue of Bureau Veritas' Global E.A.W. eNewsletter for the Electrical & Electronics, Automotive and Wireless/Smartworld industry.

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Bureau Veritas Taiwan wins again the PTCRB Award of Excellence

• We are recognized for our outstanding work at the PTCRB
• We won the award based on our lab's capabilities, quantity and quality of certified products and the contribution to establish the most competitive testing facility for LTE technologies, and critically the latest 5G NR related products 
• We offer comprehensive & innovative wireless conformance services for PTCRB, GCF, Wi-Fi Alliance®, NFC Forum, FCC and Bluetooth® SIG requirements

Bureau Veritas joins the Internet of Things Consortium 

• We are now a Member of the IoTC
• We support companies making, distributing, or selling wireless 
enabled products to improve their product quality, safety, security, performance, and connectivity
• We partner and obtain technical recognition from associations, regulatory agencies & network of operators/carriers
   • 400+ test environments worldwide
   • participation on 40+ technical committees
   • comprehensive services for Smart Phone; Smart City; Smart Home; Connected Car; Connected Person; Mobile Health & Industry 4.0

Comprehensive Antenna Testing Services for Connected Devices

• We can support you in accordance with the latest antenna testing requirements for wireless industries
• We provide a wide range of antenna testing, advisory and type approval services:
   • off-the-shelf antenna selection, integration and tuning
   • antenna design, development-related tests, test set-ups, R&D testing
   • OTA RF antenna performance testing for cellular devices (MS) and Wi-Fi mobile converged devices, and for short-range technologies

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