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Bureau Veritas France launches its ‘Flight Data Analysis’ service in partnership with Ergoss

Sep. 19 2019

To support aviation safety improvement in an increasingly connected aeronautic industry, Bureau Veritas offers a service dedicated to Flight Data Analysis, based on Ergoss's SARA software. This offer aims at optimizing flight safety management and more generally the operational performance of airline companies.

With more than 230,000 flights recorded on July 25 2019, this day became the busiest in aviation history, just ahead of the previous record set the day before[1].
Aviation safety is a major issue and the new Bureau Veritas "Flight Data Analysis" solution allows airline companies to benchmark flight operations worldwide.
Bureau Veritas France launches a new service of "Flight Data Analysis" dedicated to airline companies. This solution combines the expertise of data analysts and pilots from Bureau Veritas Aeronautics & Space Agency together with the software SARA, developed by Ergoss, a french start-up born in Toulouse.

This solution and its dynamic reporting tools provide real support for decision-making, reinforced by Bureau Veritas experts’ knowledge. Thus, airline companies can save valuable time and achieve their objectives more easily with a tool adapted to their specificities and the hazards of air transport.

"We have been working for many years with airline companies on setting up their flight data analysis program. Today, we are very proud to propose, in partnership with ERGOSS, an integrated service combining the best skills in software development, data analysis and aviation safety expertise. Our solution makes flight data analysis a real asset for managing effectively flight safety and operational performance. For example, we have recently conducted an analysis for an airline that led to identify a saving of more than €500 000 through a shift in approaching procedures. Among current customers, the smallest airlines players trust our combined expertise while larger companies are looking for challenging their internal practices" explains Antoine BLIN, Aeronautics & Space Director, Bureau Veritas France.

"Ergoss has been collaborating with Bureau Veritas experts in the field of flight data interpretation for several years. The huge collective experience accumulated by our two entities has resulted in a unique collaboration with Bureau Veritas in order to propose a complete assistance service to airlines operators whether they are starting operations, managing an important change or simply outsourcing the solution. This allows Ergoss to pursue developing its innovations and focus on supporting the operators who directly use SARA as a SaaS worldwide."
Fabrice TRICOIRE, Chief Executive Officer ERGOSS / SARA FOQA Solutions

Bureau Veritas relies on its global presence to deploy this solution and is already thinking, with its partner Ergoss, about the next innovations in order to continuously enhance the completeness and efficiency of the solution.

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[1] Source: Flightradar24