Bureau Veritas inspects medical protective materials for CAM Négoce

Jan. 8 2021

CAM Négoce entrusted Bureau Veritas to inspect several hundred millions of medical masks prior to export from China.

Bureau Veritas supports CAM Négoce in the export of medical and preventative products to Europe. It inspects hundreds of millions of medical masks, nitrile gloves, syringes and needles in China and Southeast Asia within a very short time.

CAM Négoce is a leading supplier of agricultural commodities throughout Asia, Africa and the Middle East. In an effort to combat COVID-19, CAM Négoce set up DoviLab, a medical equipment subsidiary, to supply medical masks and other products to European countries. Using CAM Négoce’s expertise in managing risks and logistics, DoviLab successfully supplied various countries with strategic medical products, with the help of Bureau Veritas teams throughout Asia.

CAM Négoce / DoviLab also imported tens of millions of nitrile gloves from Malaysia and Vietnam, following Bureau Veritas’ inspection. To be prepared for COVID-19 vaccination, CAM Négoce / DoviLab engaged Bureau Veritas China to inspect 40 million syringes and needles in December 2020.