Press Release

Bureau Veritas signs partnership with Cornis to offer advanced blade inspection services for wind turbines

Sep. 16 2019

Bureau Veritas has signed a co-operation agreement with Cornis, an experienced provider of wind turbine blade inspections and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. Through this partnership, Bureau Veritas will offer Advanced Blade Inspection (ABI) services based on in-situ data collection and digital processing of images to wind farm owners and operators.

Maintaining the operational conditions of wind turbine blades is essential for ensuring the reliability and cost-efficiency of wind farms. Preventive maintenance allows operators to anticipate and avoid blade damages, while independent assessment is crucial for performing Technical Due Diligence and at the end of guarantee periods.

ABI uses HD cameras to scan the external surface of a blade, while an automated AI tool recognizes and measures defects on the blade surface using a database of more than 30,000 blades – the largest in the industry. The type and severity of any defects are presented on a smart web-based platform.
With ABI, clients can benefit from a safer and faster method of blade assessment that leads to more accurate results.

“This partnership draws on Cornis’ unrivaled experience in high-quality technology for blade inspections and Bureau Veritas’ vast global network of experts,” said Stephan Ciniselli, Market Leader Power & Utilities at Bureau Veritas. “By working together, we will be better positioned to support clients across the globe with high-quality blade inspection services, particularly in Europe, in South America, Asia and the Middle East.”

By working with Cornis, a partner of major international players, Bureau Veritas can further support its clients across the wind sector. Bureau Veritas experts will conduct on-site blade inspections using technologically advanced equipment, while Cornis specialists process data and create complete HD images of each blade.

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