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BV joins the Vérité40 index

Aug. 31 2023

Bureau Veritas is pleased to announce that it has achieved an “A” Carbon Score, garnering inclusion in the 2023 edition of the Vérité40 index. The index is published by Axylia, a consulting firm specializing in responsible finance. To establish this third list, Axylia uses the Axylia Carbon Score®, its proprietary tool for analyzing listed companies.

The tool comprises a simple, innovative approach based on a universal and differentiating selection criterion: CO2 emissions converted into euros and deducted from a company's EBITDA. All CO2 emissions are included, notably scope 3, which represents on average 80% of companies' CO2 emissions (source: Carbon Disclosure Project). The CO2 emissions from scopes 1-3 are converted into euros based on a carbon price (€127/ton in 2022) derived from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) publications. The weight of the carbon bill in EBITDA determines the Axylia Carbon Score® level, on a scale from A to F.

The Vérité40 index is demanding and transparent in its methodology and made up exclusively of companies with a positive Carbon Score® (A, B or C).

Bureau Veritas operates according to a sustainable development model that integrates sustainability and financial performance. The Group drives its climate transition in 3 directions, including reducing its carbon footprint. Achieving CO2 emission reduction ambition requires a strong mobilization of BV teams and specific investments to transform labs equipment and business operations.
Based on the energy consumption analysis, 5 main pathways have identified to reduce emissions. For each of them, the Group defined an action plan and an indicator with a 2030 target. All together, these 5 actions will reduce Bureau Veritas absolute CO2 emissions 30% from 2021 baseline.

Read BV’s Climate Transition Plan to learn more