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Carrefour continues on its historic commitment to fight food waste, becomes first French retailer to be granted national “anti-food waste” label

Mar. 27 2023

French multinational retailer Carrefour has demonstrated a longstanding commitment to fighting food waste. This is evidenced by its partnership with French food bank organization Banques Alimentaires, dating back to 1995, and the record 10 million Too Good to Go baskets sold in its stores. Building on these commitments, Carrefour is now the first retailer to be granted France’s new “anti-food waste” label for its superstore in Montesson, a western suburb of Paris. The label was granted by Bureau Veritas, a world leader in testing, inspection, and certification, following a successful audit of both the Montesson store and the Group’s head office. This distinction recognizes the company’s long commitment to reducing food waste. Carrefour aims to obtain the label for a total of 20 stores before the end of the year, in line with its goal of cutting its food waste in half by 2025.

For Carrefour, the fight against food waste is a historic commitment. The Group views it as both a civic engagement – 17% of food produced in the world is thrown away – as well as an issue related to the fight against global warming. If food waste were a country, it would be the third-largest greenhouse gas emitter.

Carrefour has always been a forerunner in the fight against food waste. It signed a historic partnership in 1995 with Banques Alimentaires, and it partners with 1,200 associations that are present throughout the French territory. Carrefour also maintains a partnership with Too Good to Go, having sold a record 10 million baskets in Carrefour stores. Additionally, the “We are Anti-Waste” (Nous Anti-Gaspi) brand was launched, which promotes slightly blemished products that are sold at a 20% reduction.

At a time when food price inflation is making clients even more concerned about the fight against food waste, Carrefour is going a step further in becoming the first retailer with a store with the “anti-waste” label.

Carrefour Montesson, the very first superstore in France to be granted the certification, was awarded a 3-star rating (“exemplary” level), following an audit by Bureau Veritas. Valid for a period of three years, it recognizes best practices in the following areas:

  • Procurement and purchasing of food merchandise from suppliers;
  • Marketing of food items in stores;
  • Management and donation of unsold items.

This Montesson superstore’s rating is linked to the implementation of a mobile app exclusive to the brand. The app facilitates the management and sorting of products that are close to their expiration date. This action enabled a reduction of the store's food waste by 8%, with a reduction target of up to 20%. In addition to this innovative solution, Carrefour has already implemented other measures in its long fight regarding this topic:

  • Usage of order prediction tools, which have reduced the rate of unsold products by 24% in our butcher department from 2021 to 2022;
  • Anti-waste zones where products are sold with a reduction of between 30% and 50% (eggs sold in bulk, products with approaching expiration dates, etc.) – resulting in 4,185 Too Good to Go baskets saved in the preceding year;
  • A rigorous policy of managing donations and unsold goods that enabled the store to distribute 96,000 meal equivalents in 2022.

Alexandre Bompard, Chairman and CEO of Carrefour Group, said:

“Fighting food waste is at the heart of our commitment to food transition and our 2026 strategic plan. This is the perfect illustration of how there is no contradiction between the fight against inflation, and the food transition. It is our responsibility as a retailer to innovate and support our partners in this process, in order to meet our clients’ expectations. With this label issued by Bureau Veritas, we are raising the level of our commitments to bring them in line with best practices. It demonstrates our ambition to advance the entire industry alongside us in this endeavor.”

Didier Michaud-Daniel, CEO of Bureau Veritas, added:

“Food waste is a major stake in today’s society. At Bureau Veritas, we help clients demonstrate their commitments via transparent and credible initiatives. For the Carrefour Group, being granted this label illustrates its determination to make a difference when it comes to consumption while also meeting new expectations of society. And as a trusted, independent and expert third-party, we are pleased to be able to assist public authorities and the Agri-Food sector as a whole as they introduce more virtuous practices. These advances are perfectly in line with our mission: Shaping a World of Trust by ensuring responsible progress.”

This label was created as part of the Anti-Waste for a Circular Economy (AGEC) law developed by the Ministry of the Ecological Transition, the Ministry for Agriculture and Food, the French Agency for Ecological Transition and the France’s standardization coordinator. Its creation was preceded by a discussion phase devoted to the project that lasted over two years and involved public authorities, retailers and food industry professionals. The Too Good To Go company assisted Carrefour throughout the entire audit chart testing period in 2022, enabling Carrefour to improve various aspects of its approach.

Picture at Carrefour

Alexandre Bompard, Chairman and CEO of Carrefour Group
& Didier Michaud-Daniel, CEO of Bureau Veritas

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