Essay by Bureau Veritas’ CEO:
The New Standard of Trust

Nov. 13 2020

Didier Michaud-Daniel, CEO of Bureau Veritas, shares his thoughts on some of the most crucial contemporary issues around trust in his essay entitled “The new standard of trust. Advocacy for responsible progress.”

Trust is the foundation of economic exchanges, and has become a necessity for building a sustainable world. Having developed strong relationships with customers and partners in multiple business sectors around the world, Mr. Michaud-Daniel is a front-line observer of business trends.

The new standard of Trust - Advocacy for responsible progress - Cover book

In this essay published in 2020, he comments on the unprecedented crisis of trust that our modern globalized society is undergoing.

The essay is based on two main points. First, globalization has created supply chain complexity, increasing risks and making them harder to control. Secondly, technological innovation is promising, but often suspected of creating adverse social impact.

As a consequence, the role of testing, inspection and certification organizations is transforming. They must help clients bolster their credibility by providing proof of the impact of their activities and products. These organizations also need to support clients in developing responsible progress—something without which trust cannot grow.

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