Global reforestation project by Bureau Veritas

Jun. 18 2019

With the objective to restore degraded forests all over the world and contribute to the socio-economic development of populations thanks to trees, Bureau Veritas goes into partnership with Reforest’Action in a global reforestation project.

From a forest in Canada ruined by several wildfires to North Sumatra to reconstitute the Indonesian mangrove, Bureau Veritas commits to plant trees in various places around the world.

The protection of the environment has always been a significant part of Bureau Veritas' core business. In 2018 Bureau Veritas has signed an agreement on biodiversity "Act4Nature". This year, the Group launches a global reforestation project.

This approach is in line with the priority environmental issues identified by Bureau Veritas, such as the preservation of biodiversity, a strong local presence, and a genuine desire to limit its environmental impact in order to move towards carbon neutrality.

In the framework of a global reforestation project launched this month, Bureau Veritas undertakes to plant 6,250 trees in 6 plantations in 2019. In addition, each employee of the Group can also participate in this project by planting trees. For each tree planted by an employee, Bureau Veritas will plant one additional tree.

More than 6,000 planted trees represent more than 25,000 months of oxygen generated.

Let’s join our forces to restore the world forests!