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Supply chain resilience: BV's white paper available now

Dec. 10 2021

Bureau Veritas’ white paper, entitled “Strengthening supply chain resilience through risk assessment” is now available for download. It outlines that to mitigate risk along the entire chain, companies need to identify all threats and assess the underlying risks, while having a risk control tower from which they can evaluate their aggregate exposure.

Today, companies are navigating in a complex landscape, facing numerous supply chain layers, increased forms of disruption and tight operational constraints. Consequently, they are in search of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to manage and reinforce their supply chains.

To overcome the numerous risks, decision-makers are increasingly turning to digital solutions to help them monitor numerous sources, define short-term risk responses, mitigate the threat of disruption and reduce financial consequences.

In this white paper, you will learn how Bureau Veritas is committed to helping companies overcome the challenge of supplier network transparency and reliability, reinforcing operational resilience and business continuity in all circumstances. To this end, we have developed Supply-R, a unique solution that assesses and quantifies the resilience of the supply chain. Supply-R offers a customized risk assessment methodology, based on field data from independent onsite verification of critical suppliers.

We piloted the solution with several major global clients in early 2021, resulting in a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with SINOPEC. Bureau Veritas worked with Sinopec to help the group improve its supply chain resilience performance. An MoU has been signed to foster continuous collaboration in this area, notably to support Sinopec’s e-commerce platform for SC2B (supply chain to business) transactions involving industrial products.

Download the White paper to discover more on Supply-R