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Update on Bureau Veritas operations in Russia

Apr. 14 2022

Bureau Veritas is a €5bn revenue company – Activities in Russia represent less than 1% of the Group revenue.

Since the beginning of the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Bureau Veritas has been regularly assessing and monitoring its position in Russia.

As of this date, Bureau Veritas has downsized its business in Russia in the sectors where the company was previously operating i.e. Marine, Aeronautics and Commodities.

  • In Marine, Bureau Veritas has taken measures to withdraw vessels related to Russian interests from its Register.
  • In Aeronautics, Bureau Veritas is no longer performing inspections of aircraft operated by Russian companies.
  • In Commodities, Bureau Veritas has significantly decreased its operations in the Oil and Gas sector.

We will keep downsizing our operations and presence as the situation evolves.