The world of automotive is changing faster than ever before. We help you on the safe route to transformation.

societal context

Booming demand meets Automotive 4.0

Shifting demographics are fueling continuous market growth in automotive, as rising incomes in emerging economies lead to a larger car-owning middle class. At the same time, disruptive changes in technology are combining with increasing environmental regulation to transform the industry. This represents a risk to brands – but also an opportunity for differentiation.

your challenges

How can you achieve safe transformation?

To thrive in the new world of automotive, brands need to both secure the fundamentals and achieve safe transformation. Compliance in safety, quality, cost-efficiency and performance are crucial to reputation. Beyond this, you need to address the risks of product transformation, from alternative propulsion and digitalization, to smart cars and mobility as a service. You also need to foster trust as you transform your business and supply chain, developing new technology and integrating new skills.

how we support you

Bureau Veritas is a firm part of the automotive ecosystem that also serves the world of connected technology. We partner automotive players to bring innovations and products to market that are safe and perform to specifications.

Our quality, conformity and digital services cover the full automotive value chain and lifecycle. They enable you to:

  • Innovate with confidence: develop safe new digital and propulsion technologies via our specifications reviews, functional safety support, testing, and type certification
  • Ensure new technology is secure and protect your end customers with cybersecurity and data protection certification
  • Continuously improve and achieve high levels of quality and safety throughout your supply chain 
  • Gain access to global markets with our management system, people and product certifications, and our homologation support worldwide
  • Control the value and integrity of your stock through the logistics chain
  • Improve end-customer experience both at the point of purchase and in any after-sales service via customized audits, statutory inspection and surveys 

Our contribution to society

Bureau Veritas is playing a key role in automotive transformation. We help bring safe, high-performing vehicles to consumers around the world by ensuring the quality and safety of production in new manufacturing locations. At the same time, we enable the development, production and sale of new automotive technologies that keep consumers safe and preserve the environment. 

OEM approvals in China

enable Bureau Veritas to address this fast-growing market through its Shanghai Automotive Hub