Inspectorate’s Oil & Gas Team Attend SMM Maritime Industry Trade Fair in Hamburg

Sep. 6 2016

HAMBURG (SEPTEMBER 6, 2016) – Inspectorate’s oil and gas experts will be at SMM in Hamburg, the world’s leading trade fair for the maritime industry, on September 8 2016.

Senior managers from Inspectorate’s Oil & Gas team will be available to discuss the latest innovations and leading testing and inspection services designed for our marine and offshore customers.

Inspectorate recently launched a new state-of-the-art laboratory in Hamburg specifically to provide support services for major shipping companies, traders and energy suppliers needing real time data for oil and gas quality in Germany. 

The facility has testing capabilities for Automotive Diesel (EN590), Gasoil / Heating oil (DIN 51603), Marine fuel oil and Gasoil (ISO 8217), ICE Gasoil, NexBTL/GTL, base oil and lube oil. A dedicated team of highly trained Marine surveyors will be available to provide for any local needs for sampling and quantity inspection.

“The Hamburg laboratory further consolidates Inspectorate’s already extensive network of testing and inspection facilities and reinforces our commitment to supporting customers in the region,” said Dave Groen, General Manager, Inspectorate ARAH.

The Oil & Gas team will be happy to provide further information about the new laboratory and our leading services during the trade fair.