Introducing: Luc Gonzalez

Please describe your background. How long have you been with BV?

I graduated from French EPF engineering school in 2017 with a degree in Engineering Management. I did my final internship at BV, where I worked as an assistant project manager on Hermes, a digital tool that supports the inspection of tanks and containers for Industrial Product Certification (IPC). At the end of my internship, I joined BV as a project manager for the Business Process Management and Digital Transformation team within the Global Service Line (GSL). I then expanded my purview to include Digital Field Solutions and work on MAIA+, while continuing to work on Hermes.

What is your role within Bureau Veritas?

I wear two different hats at Bureau Veritas. 

The first is supporting Operations in the digitalization of their activities through the development of our MAIA+ solution. MAIA+ is an in-house Field Reporting solution that allows us to quickly launch new projects and initiatives for local or international scopes, while managing internal communication and tracking project evolution. With help from our Service Line (SL) Leaders, we define a roadmap for digital improvements, then design and deliver updates to the ISM Central Team. Those modifications directly benefit our customers by improving the work of our network of experts.

I’m also in charge of designing MAIA+ solutions for Global Initiatives with SL Leaders and BV’s Digital team. We have helped launch many Group initiatives, including “Restart Your Business with BV”, Supply-R or ChargeScan by BV. We also work with the SSC MAIA+ team to develop industry-specific customized checklists. In 2020, the development and launch of “Restart Your Business with BV” in more than 80 countries was completed in just a few weeks, thanks to our amazing team and efficient design.

Can you explain how you Leave Your Mark on our customers?
I incorporate BV’s values into every project I work on to help shape a world of trust. I am dedicated to delivering the highest level of excellence for each project, and I believe our customers appreciate that. My team and I work hard to remain flexible, adapting to our clients’ needs for each project, offering customized solutions and bolstering local projects with international collaboration.   
More specifically, my work helps ensure the reliability of our applications, enabling customers to access their projects anytime, anywhere. My focus is always on assessing new ways to improve the user friendliness of our solutions in order to better serve our clients, streamline operations and improve business intelligence and data analysis.

What challenges have you faced when developing digital solutions for BV? 

Bureau Veritas works with many different businesses on a huge variety of project scopes. This means that every project is like a fresh canvas, waiting to be painted. I am always challenging myself to find the best design and most optimized process for each project, anticipating a maximum number of applications for each new feature I develop. 

That said, thanks to our key expertise in field audit reporting applications, my team is in a strong position to support the Group’s overall digitalization strategy.