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Power generation

The energy transition is well underway, as the power industry moves toward a low-carbon future. We help you to develop innovative renewable energy projects, and ensure the safe operation of your fossil fuel and nuclear assets.

Investing in a low-carbon future

Your challenges

Today, the power industry is increasingly investing in renewable energies and smart grids in its move toward a low-carbon future. But the need to optimize existing fossil fuel installations in the most efficient way possible is also of utmost importance. As an energy service provider, you need to innovate and develop new projects for your core business. At the same time, you need to ensure that your existing assets remain safe and compliant.

How we support you

We provide you with support for all types of power generation activities: renewables (solar, wind, geothermal, hydro, etc.), fossil, and nuclear.

  • Reducing risk in low carbon projects 
    For your low carbon projects, we support you across all project stages (feasibility, design, procurement, construction, and operation) to reduce risk, prioritize HSSE, and gain access to a global but reliable supply chain. Our services include environmental impact assessment, design review, QA/QC, site inspection, personnel qualification, asset integrity management, and more.
  • Safe, reliable conventional assets
    For your existing assets, we provide operational support—such as mandatory inspection and maintenance, outage support, and non-destructive testing—to improve cost management, performance, and reliability. We also provide asset management support—such as condition monitoring, risk assessment, and performance optimization—to extend your plant’s operating life. 

Oil Condition Monitoring

We provide routine Oil Condition Monitoring (OCM) services to help prevent catastrophic failures that incur costly repairs at power plants. This service helps you to identify problems within your machinery components, such as diesel generator engines, before they escalate. By analyzing oil samples to verify that traces of sub-surface metals do not exceed established thresholds, we can help you to act early, and avoid major repair or shutdown. 



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