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Power transmission

Changes in the way power is generated are having a major impact on grids. We help you address safety and compliance as you build your new grid infrastructure.

Addressing changing power grid needs

Your challenges

The way power is generated is changing: distributed low carbon generation is driving the development of advanced, interconnected power grids, and inter-regional integration is becoming more important. All of this requires new investment and maintenance strategies. As a transmission system operator, you need to address your changing power grid needs, from investing in new transmission lines, to upgrading technology and extending the operating life of your current grids. You also need to ensure your grids meet international standards for safety and compliance. 

How we support you

We provide services to help you to build and maintain your power grids, while helping you meet your country’s need for security of supply. 

  • CAPEX services
    We provide CAPEX services across the full project spectrum to help you to optimize your return on investment. Our project management assistance, construction supervision, and QA/QC services are designed to seamlessly guide you along the grid upgrade process. 
  • OPEX services 
    We provide OPEX services that leverage digital tools and technologies to improve the inspection and maintenance of your existing transmission grids. Our partnership with Avitas enables us to harness AI, automated data collection, and image recognition technologies to deliver improved insights on transmission needs. 

Digital solution

Gain greater insights on your grids with our Avitas-powered advanced inspection services based on AI, automated data, and image recognition technologies.

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Certification for Power Transmission

Our range of certification services for power transmission enables you to meet international standards for safety and compliance. Our certification program for ISO 9001 provides the structure to define and implement the rigorous quality processes you need to enable your grids to function efficiently. It also enables you to meet the prerequisite for emerging market players to gain donor financing from multilateral institutions.



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