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Contributing to the acceleration of the transition toward greener transport

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The transportation industry – which includes airlines, railways, overland vehicles, shipping and more – represents about 25% of the world’s CO2 emissions1.

The marine industry is spearheading the energy transition by developing sustainable fuels, using alternative propulsion systems, and supporting offshore wind farm construction and operations.

Electrification is critical to the energy transition, and the development of electric mobility relies on easily accessible charging solutions.


For nearly 200 years, we have leveraged our expertise in the marine industry to support our clients in developing new energies within the sector. While LNG shipping is gaining more and more traction, we help owners optimize their vessels’ design, ensuring compliance with existing and future air emission regulations.

A mix of technologies, alternative fuels and energy sources is steadily reducing the industry’s environmental footprint. By collaborating with industry players and capitalizing on its expertise in new mobility, BV is helping the industry set the course for a new era of sustainable development.

For Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, BV developed a complete portfolio of services, covering the full lifecycle – from design, construction and commissioning to operations.


- Project management assistance for charging stations under construction 
- Inspection services for charging stations in operations
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- LNG expertise and project support for reducing risk from design to operations 
- Engineering services supporting improved performance and sustainability
- Cyber security and safety solutions for the marine & offshore sectors
- Development and implementation of new rules for new fuels

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1 Everything You Need to Know About the Fastest-Growing Source of Global Emissions: Transport, World Resources Institute, 2019