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Contributing to an economy that is respectful of and profitable for all

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Together with Planet, People is a fundamental pillar of sustainable business and public life. 
Citizens and consumers are seeking out verified and verifiable information on how companies develop, produce and supply their goods and services.

In parallel, beyond their financial performance and ability to innovate, companies are now highly valued for their positive impact. Decision makers across all organizations face the challenge of substantiating their CSR commitments in order to remain competitive and sustainable, while demonstrating their commitment towards better business practices. 


Bureau Veritas plays an increasing role as an impartial and independent third party in the chain of actions toward making our economy transparent and more responsible for our planet and its inhabitants.

We help clients mitigate risk and improve performance in terms of health, safety and security.
We have developed a full range of solutions to assess Diversity & Inclusion policy and measure KPIs in the field.
We also support clients in achieving stronger governance with dedicated services related to Ethics and Integrity.


- Social audits
- Health, safety, hygiene and inclusion protocol audits
Learn more about "SaFeguard by BV"


- Policy monitoring
- Management systems improvement
- Reporting verification
Learn more about Clarity to bring transparency and credibility to ESG' commitments


- Human rights assessment
- Supplier assessment
- Anti-bribery certification
- Data privacy and cybersecurity certification
Learn more about our cybersecurity offer
Discover the infographic on our cybersecurity conformity assessment services

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