Press Release

Bureau Veritas to audit the reopening of ten Klépierre Iberia shopping centers

May. 26 2020

Bureau Veritas will audit Klépierre Iberia’s offices across the Iberian peninsula and ten shopping centers – seven in Spain and three in Portugal – for compliance with its Global Safe Site Excellence certification.

Bureau Veritas will audit these Klépierre Iberia sites on the safety of the preventative measures they are taking to protect their personnel, and the management of their cleaning, hygiene and disinfection plans. Bureau Veritas will also assess each of the 12 sites for compliance with applicable regulations. By undergoing this rigorous process, Klépierre Iberia is taking more robust and comprehensive actions than those called for by World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines and the requirements set out by the Spanish and Portuguese governments.

“With all of these measures, we are sending a clear message about our strong commitment to safety and prevention of COVID-19. At the same time, we are positioning ourselves for the restart of business activity by facilitating the access of customers to our shopping centers as much as possible, insofar as is permitted by law. The well-being of the people who visit our shopping centers is our absolute priority. This is why we sought out the support of Bureau Veritas’ experts in ensuring that each and every regulatory requirement for reopening is met,” explains Luis Pires, Managing Director of Klépierre Iberia.

“Through Global Safe Site certification, we bring the reliability needed by companies like Klépierre Iberia to continue building a world of trust during these trying times. Without a doubt, this certification process will contribute to implementing the necessary protection, prevention, hygiene and disinfection measures in their shopping centers and offices,” says Bertrand Martin, Senior Vice-President of Bureau Veritas Spain and Portugal.

Bureau Veritas has developed a suite of solutions to support companies of all sizes and sectors in light of the COVID-19 pandemic as they restart activity, providing society with greater safety and confidence.

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