Bureau Veritas CPS Global E.A.W. eNewsletter - July 2019

Jul. 31 2019

Welcome to our July issue of Bureau Veritas Global E.A.W. eNewsletter featuring 5G Connectivity.

As a global leader in wireless testing and certification, we continue to innovate in the 5G space and support businesses to take advantage of the opportunities the 5th generation of wireless technologies presents.

Thanks to our global network of testing laboratories and wireless specialists, we work closely with multiple stakeholders such as equipment manufacturers, system integrators, and connected and wireless device distributors to test and certify next-generation connected products.

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5G Challenges - the New Era of Connectivity

• Mobile connectivity is changing scale
• The emergence of a new digital landscape
• The race toward ultra-high bandwidth
• The challenge of bringing connected devices online
• Preventing security breaches and supporting the launch of new products
• Building trust in the progress 5G will bring

5G NR GCF/PTCRB RF Conformance Tests 

• Collaborating with major test equipment manufacturers such as Anritsu to obtain GCF and PTCRB conformance test certifications (test equipment validation)
• Accelerating the ability for devices to be tested against 3GPP standards by test laboratories such as Bureau Veritas

5G NR 39GHz mmWave Certification

• Certified the world's first 5G NR 39GHz mmWave device against USA's Federal Communications Commission requirements
• Test capability ready for 5G NR bands of n257, n258 and n260 in compliance with the FCC Part 30 Technical Guidelines

5G Extension for Interlab EVO 
“GCF/PTCRB” Content Package

• Interlab EVO, the web-based test management system is enhanced with 5G content
• Compatible with the current and future certification requirements of 3GPP and GCF/PTCRBr including regulatory news and upcoming events.

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