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Center Parcs partners with Bureau Veritas in committing to labelling its 6 French holiday parks

May. 15 2020

To protect its employees and customers, Center Parcs is partnering with Bureau Veritas, a world leader in laboratory testing, inspection and certification services, to verify compliance with safety, hygiene and cleaning requirements across its holiday parks in France.

Pascal Ferracci, CEO of Center Parcs Europe, says: “Our priority has always been and will remain the safety and health of our employees, customers and partners. It is therefore our duty to take all necessary preventive and protective measures so the resumption of our activities takes place under optimal safety conditions. For many years, our Center Parcs teams have been committed to an approach where health is a guarantee. Obtaining the BUREAU VERITAS 'SAFEGUARD' label for our 6 domains in France is a tangible sign of our commitment in terms of prevention, protection and hygiene, and a guarantee of their compliance with the latest recommendations from health authorities."

Jacques Pommeraud, Executive Vice President, Africa, France and Government Services for Bureau Veritas adds: “We are very proud to see Center Parcs join our initiative. ‘SAFEGUARD’ is a fundamental step toward reassuring both visitors and site employees. During this current health crisis, requirements in terms of hygiene, health and safety are at the forefront throughout society. To support our clients, Bureau Veritas leverages an expertise dating back nearly 200 years to manage our clients’ risks and help shape a world of trust.”

“Center Parcs’ primary mission is to enable our customers to reconnect, both with their loved ones and with nature, and to strengthen family ties,” Pascal Ferraci adds. “More than ever in this current health context, Center Parcs guarantees its customers a relaxing holiday experience by providing them with a safe health environment.”

In France, the 6 Center Parcs domains offer holidays that are local, attractive, safe and compliant with health recommendations:
- Nearby safe vacation areas
- Several hundred hectares in the heart of nature
- Spacious private accommodations with equipped kitchen, private terrace and garden
- Activities for the entire family that take into account social distancing
- Delivery of shopping, and of meals from our restaurants directly to cottages.
Center Parcs guarantees optimal health and safety conditions in accordance with the sanitary measures recommended by the public authorities. Going beyond the recommended measures, Center Parcs has developed its own complementary measures.

In terms of hygiene, societal measures are increasingly strict. To implement a fast resumption of activity that ensures safety for all, Bureau Veritas, a world leader in laboratory testing, inspection and certification services has put in place a common sanitary protocol that aims to reassure customers and employees across all professions.


The BUREAU VERITAS ‘SAFEGUARD’ label defines and assesses 10 criteria, including: management's commitment to preventing the risk of contamination; the proper application of hygiene rules compliance; respect for physical distancing requirements; respect of personal protective measures among team members and vis-à-vis the public; management of customer payments; and proper surveillance and management of suspected or proven cases of contamination.

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