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Mexico City: Bureau Veritas supervises construction of sustainable cable car transportation system

Mar. 29 2023

With continuous population growth and urbanization, mobility challenges are numerous. Sustainability, safety and societal impact are among the major issues. This is evidenced by the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 11, which calls for cities and human settlements to be inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable.

Bureau Veritas is committed to addressing this challenge by helping sustainably transform cities and regions. This is what the Group has done in Mexico by supervising the construction of the second line of Mexicable, the sustainable cable car transit system in the hills above Mexico City.

The second line, following the opening of the first in 2016, will make it easier for approximately 200,000 people to move around within the same neighborhood. Through facilitating access to work and study, the ultimate goal is to reduce inequalities and provide more inclusion, safety and sustainability to these often remote populations. Nearly 3,000 people can be transported per hour in the over 200 cabins on the cable car, which includes 7 stations and covers almost 10 km.

Sustainability was put at the heart of the construction. Solar energy is used to power the cable car, while conservation of wildlife and protected historical areas was prioritized during the construction phase. Inclusion of all was also paramount, with an emphasis on ensuring the cable car is accessible to people with limited mobility.

As a leader in the Buildings and Infrastructure sector, Bureau Veritas was chosen for its expertise in the design, development and management of urban infrastructure.

During the construction period, BV conducted the executive project review and supervised civil and architectural works, facilities and the Leitner electromechanical system. It also provided supervision of induced constructions, safety and hygiene, environment and documentation control.

Through this project, Bureau Veritas is contributing to UN SDG 11, notably by accelerating the mobility of populations.

More globally, by offering a full range of services, notably through its BV Green Line, the Group helps its clients develop major infrastructure projects that are sustainable in terms of quality, health and safety, environmental protection and human rights.

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