“The service we provided won some influential awards

Wei Zheng, BIM Center Director – BV China

What was your role on this project?

I was responsible for planning, managing and implementing the BIM consulting services through the Shanghai planetarium project life cycle as the BIM project manager. 

What was the most interesting part for you?

The most exciting part of this project was that through more than three years of hard work, we promoted all project participants involved in the BIM implementation and BIM was the working language and database for project communication and coordination to solve engineering issues.

The services we provided were unanimously recognized by the building owners and won some influential awards from BIM associations and government authorities.

What did you learn specifically during this project?

This project was the first full life-cycle BIM application project undertaken by our company and team. Therefore, we continued to explore and grow during the implementation of this project, which was different from the traditional single design or pure technology BIM application in the construction phase. We realized that the full life-cycle BIM application focused more on the overall management, and thought about how to better integrate BIM technology with the design optimization, schedule, quality and safety of the on-site construction.

From this project, we’ve learned the combination of BIM technology and project management formed a specialized management guideline as “one model, one standard, one platform, unified management”, which could comprehensively control the implementation of BIM technology, and eliminate the impractical situations.

What problems did you encounter and how did you solve them?

The biggest challenge on this project was to adopt the implementation mode of full life-cycle BIM application.

Therefore, during the project planning phase, our team developed a BIM management guideline as “one model, one standard, one platform, unified management” that combined traditional project management tools with BIM through a large volume of learning and research. Through continuous training and publicity for the owner, we were greatly recognized by them.

How would you sum up this project in one sentence? 

If it could only be summed up in one sentence, it would be “stay true to the mission”.
Since the project has been ongoing for more than three years, our team has always adhered to the original BIM management guidelines of “one model, one standard, one platform, and unified management”.