World Customs Organization rewards excellence performed by our teams in Saudi Arabia and Togo

Feb. 1 2016

The World Customs Organization is dedicating 2016 to promoting the digitalization of Customs process under the slogan "Digital Customs: Progressive Engagement."

During the international customs day that took place on January 26, 2016, the World Customs Organization rewarded 2 teams from Bureau Veritas by handing each a “Certificate of Merit” for the excellence service provided to the community.

Ahmad Chaouk, Chief Executive of Bureau Veritas Saudi Arabia Testing Services(BVSATS) received the award from his Excellency Saleh M. S. Al-Khaliwi, Director General of Saudi Customs.

This is In recognition of the efforts that BVSATS is deploying in the field of "Automatic

Reporting of Test Results", in terms of Digitalization and online reporting of laboratory reports of tested samples drawn by Customs from imported cargoes.

Thierry Verdier, Managing Director of Bureau Veritas in Togo and Managing Director of Seguce Togo, received the award from Sani Yaya, Togo's Minister Delegate to the Minister of State, Minister of Economy and Finance for the Budget. 

This is the recognition of the "Single Window" project the Group was selected to implement in Togo, meaning an information system that automates, optimizes and secures business processes of public and private stakeholders in a trade community through a concession.

Bureau Veritas is pleased to see its Digital innovation being recognized as such.