Working at "BV"


Contribute to make the world safer

Ready to join an inclusive, innovative company in a fast-paced industry, to benefit clients and society at large?  We are eager to work with people like you.

Every year, we welcome and train over 10,000 of the most dedicated, talented and highly skilled engineers, technicians, inspectors, auditors and support staff from around the world. Once they are onboard, they call our company “BV”.

Innovate with us

Bureau Veritas means a strong brand image and technical expertise. It also means strong customer focus and an innovating spirit. When our industry never stops innovating, neither do our people. Joining us means continued learning through work, professional training and advancement programs that help turn jobs into careers.

Share deep and meaningful values

We unite expertise, performance and innovation for our clients to help them manage quality, health & safety, environmental protection and social responsibility challenges. Our Safety@work initiatives help make ours a safe and healthy workplace.

And in an industry that runs on trust, we prize our ethics culture. Fairness, honesty and transparency—our Code of Ethics proclaims these values, in which we take collective pride.

Join us on our inclusive journey

Inclusion is a pillar of our HR strategy. We see your unique background and experience as a source of enrichment for the Company.
Our Human Resources teams actively foster anti-discrimination policies and inclusive hiring practices, helping to create a culture that recognizes and learns from each and every employee’s differences. Inclusion is indeed a key differentiator, driving our performance and growth.

In 2016, Bureau Veritas officially launched its inclusion strategy, through a formal commitment signed by our CEO and all Executive Vice Presidents.
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What does inclusion mean at Bureau Veritas?

Inclusion at Bureau Veritas is not a gesture. It is a commitment. We value open-minded people who make decisions based on facts and data and without bias. For us, Inclusion means we attract, select and retain the best people irrespective of gender, nationality, background, sexual orientation, origin, ethnicity, disability…. And so on.

A key priority for Bureau Veritas is to accelerate Gender Balance and to have 25% of our senior management to be women by 2020. All our operations lead their commitments to Diversity & Inclusion within a “Gender Plus One” framework and undertake relevant local actions to ensure an inclusive environment for all at Bureau Veritas.

We also need to lead by example at the Executive Committee level: Today, the percentage of women on the Global Executive Committee is 20%, compared to 0% in early 2017.

Promoting Inclusion is about creating an inclusive culture where talent is selected based on the basis of merit: we want to attract new talent to create a workforce enriched with a diversity of different cultures, beliefs and professional backgrounds.

Promoting Inclusion is also about welcoming an open dialogue with leaders in the field, because we believe that inclusion starts with listening to opinions, particularly when moving towards Inclusion demands a significant cultural shift.  At Bureau Veritas, Inclusion is about actively involving every employee’s ideas, knowledge, perspectives, approaches and styles to maximize business success. Inclusion is as well about building trust within teams, trust that diversity is a unique opportunity to make us even more successful in the long term.

Our CEO, Didier Michaud-Daniel is the first Bureau Veritas spokesman on Inclusion. He leads by example and follows closely the progress that we are making. His vision is for Bureau Veritas to become—in the very near future—a model of Inclusion, seen by others as best in class and fully representative of the clients and society that we serve.