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Gabriela Marmol

Gabriela started at Inspectorate in 2002 when a food laboratory was opened in Ecuador. She started her career as a food analyst, then she became General Manager of the Commodities division leading the growing Food, Mining, and Oil & Gas sector. She is now Country Chief Executive for Ecuador.

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In 2002, I started as a food analyst at Inspectorate, then as General Manager of its Commodities division. Since the company was bought by BV, we have grown significantly so I received more responsibility as Country Chief Executive for Ecuador.

Gabriela MarmolCountry Chief Executive for Ecuador

Could you describe in a few lines your career path at BV? How did you get here?

I started at Inspectorate in 2002, when this company opened a food laboratory in Ecuador. I started as a food analyst and stayed there 5 years.  I returned to Inspectorate as General Manager of its Commodities division, in September 2010, and a few days later, the company was bought by BV. Since then, we have grown significantly and last year (October 2019), I received more responsibility as Country Chief Executive for Ecuador. I feel honored and it’s amazing!

What were you looking for when you applied at BV? Why did you choose BV at that time?

In 2010, my last job was at a brewery and every day I dealt with the same issues, I talked with the same people.  When I applied at BV, I was seeking to have new experiences every day, to meet new people, and help them take up challenges and learn.

Could you describe your first days at BV? What was your overall impression/feeling?

A structured company, from day one my colleagues explained to me our values, objectives and what we wanted to achieve and I love that.  Within myself I said, yes, this is what I want.

What is your greatest professional achievement at BV?

Now, I’m the Country Chief Executive, and for me it’s very rewarding.  It’s a big responsibility, making the entire business grow in the country.

And the biggest challenge you had to face?

I remember nine years ago, when I started as a General Manager of the Commodities division, the company wasn’t as strong as it is now.  It was a challenge to motivate our people towards a future vision that we would realize together.

What were you expecting to be offered with so many different opportunities at BV?

I’m a person that likes to help, give solutions and share experiences. So I would like to help the region with all our knowledge. We are one team!

Working at BV is choosing a company that positively impacts the day-to-day lives of billions of people. How do you feel about that?

I feel great.  Every time that we are doing an inspection, certification or giving other services, we are helping people and companies to reach their goals and dreams.

If you had to choose 3 words to describe your daily work, what would they be

Exciting/challenge, different, continuous learning.

What would you say to a candidate considering a career at BV?

If you like to learn and do different things every day, this is the place to be.