Karine Kutrowski

In 2007, Karine was hired as a specialized engineer in Oil and Gas in Bureau Veritas Netherlands. After relocation to Paris to become a Business Unit Manager, a position extended to a second Business Unit, she is now Technical Support & Development Director, developing new technical services and supporting the network all over the globe.


I started work at BV Netherlands in 2007 where I was a specialized engineer in oil and gas (O&G) pipelines.

Karine KutrowskiTechnical Support & Development Director

Could you describe in a few lines your career path at BV? How did you get where you are?

I started work at BV Netherlands in 2007 where I was a specialized engineer in oil and gas (O&G) pipelines. In 2010, I moved to the European Technical Center based in Paris, where I was appointed Business Unit Manager for Design Review and Integrity Management in O&G. In 2012 my scope was extended to a second business unit specialized in Renewables. In 2017 I was asked to join the Global Service Line and was promoted to Director for Technical Support and Development of the Industry & Facilities division.

Could you describe your first days at BV? What was your overall impression/feeling?

I came from an O&G operating company. Joining BV opened a huge new horizon full of unknown activities to me like Building and Infrastructure, Consumer Products, Testing etc.

What is your greatest professional achievement at BV?

I’d say the diversity of the tasks I’ve been appointed to do and the many different assignments I’ve been given. Ranging from managing business units, through conducting audits or missions all over the world (Russia, US, China, Kazakhstan, South-Africa, desert of Algeria, Colombia and so many more. In total 58 countries visited for BV!) to contributing to the development of the group strategy, supporting the network and replicating products of existing units or newly acquired companies.

And the biggest challenge you had to face?

In such a big and important group working together and building your network all over the world is key.

You have participated in several programs within Bureau Veritas. Why did you choose to do so? At a personal level, what were the benefits of taking part?

I participated in the BV Academy in 2012 and the European Development Center in 2016. The main benefits were definitely learning more about our many different activities all around the world and building up a priceless network in the big BV family.

Were you expecting to be offered so many development opportunities at BV?

No, especially as I was coming from the specific industry of O&G, I did not expect to be offered the chance to discover new technical domains so quickly and to have such diverse tasks and roles. Without being an expert, I’m “touching” on everything, from management, through finance and strategy, to clients and daily operations.

Working at BV is choosing a company positively impacting the day-to-day lives of billions of people. How do you feel about that?

Definitely proud but more importantly it gives meaning to waking up and going to work. On top of that we do not have industrial assets. Our assets are people, therefore the human aspect is even more important in the decision making process. It also gives a feeling of unlimited possibilities; indeed everything (from food, to toys, roads and industrial equipment and buildings) can benefit from being inspected, assessed and tested by BV for the benefit of society.

If you had to choose 3 words to describe your daily work, what would they be?


What would you say to a candidate considering a career at BV?

That the possibilities are almost unlimited. I like the feeling of not being put in a box and having the possibility of changing specialized domains and geographies if one day I decide to whilst staying in the same company. So I’d ask: are you ready to experience many careers in the same company?