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I started working with Bureau Veritas in 2010 as a team leader in the Oil & Gas sector. In 2015, I was promoted to Industry Manager of BV Vietnam.

Pham HiepIndustry Manager of BV Vietnam

Could you describe in a few lines your career path at BV? How did you get here?

I started working with Bureau Veritas in 2010 as a team leader with the responsibility to establish a new branch in place where the Oil & Gas sector was located.  In 2012, I was appointed as Business Development Manager of the Industry Department, and in 2015 I was promoted to Industry Manager of BV Vietnam.

What were you looking for when you applied at BV? Why did you choose BV at that time?

At the time, I had worked as an Engineer in a technical position.  Joining BV gave me the have opportunity to challenge myself in a managerial role and in business development which gave me a chance to work more interdependently with clients, colleagues, and other stakeholders in various sectors and globally.

Could you describe your first days at BV? What was your overall impression/feeling?

I was very impressed by the diversity of services across sectors and the international networking of the BV Group.

What is your greatest professional achievement at BV?

Expanding the footprint of Bureau Veritas in the Oil & Gas sector and playing an important part in the market share of Testing, Inspection and Certification in industry in Vietnam by building an effective team.

And the biggest challenge you had to face?

To be resilient with the impact of business cycles and to maintain the whole team by developing more services and penetrating new sectors.

You participated in the Southeast Asia Client Centric Strategy program. Why did you choose to do so? At a personal level, what were the benefits of this participation?

This program was very helpful for a person with a technical background like me. The main benefit was learning an approach to doing business that focuses on creating a positive experience for the customer by maximizing service offerings and building relationships.

What were you expecting to be offered with so many development opportunities at BV?

I didn’t expect that I would be appointed to hold a managerial role when I was much younger in comparison with our colleagues and as a woman in an industry that previously had few young women as managers.

Working at BV is choosing a company that positively impacts the day-to-day lives of billions of people. How do you feel about that?

I’m very proud when introducing myself and my daily work to others.

If you had to choose 3 words to describe your daily work, what would they be?

Teamwork, technical challenges, and business development.

What would you say to a candidate considering a career at BV?

If you are looking for a place to challenge yourself with diverse services and where you are totally accountable for your own decisions, then BV is a company I highly recommend.